Volcom Stone's WITP European Tour 2013 | POLAND | 20 July

We were pleased to run for the first time a WITP stop in Poland on PTG Plaza Katowice! Initially we were planning to have our contest on the 13th of July but the weather forced us to postpone the competition to the next weekend -- and it was totally a good move -- a beautiful sunny weather, hot temperature and good attendance welcomed us!!!

WITP bombed out with three categories -- 14, 15 and over and the most crowded OPEN division! We gathered over 80 competitors and way more audience to make this event a party!

The first to compete were the young rookies, with plenty of big tricks on the double set and the walls. After that we had middle age division and it rock it out totally, there wasn't any obstacle that was safe from their flips, grinds, big transfers... Those guys displayed all they had to offer.
We ended the day with the Open category, with the best lineup of Polish skaters!! They rised up the bar very high, especially on the double set section -- landing tons of bangers and making the crowd go mad!!

The atmosphere was perfect, sunny day, tasty BBQ, rock and heavy music for a totally chillout vibe. Everybody was happy to be there and take opportunity to met with friends from the whole Poland!!

We want to thanks Heniek and Cebul for hosting our WITP jam, they put much efforts to make event full professional, big thanks to Red Bull for providing music and good energy!!

Also we want to thanks XSories for extra prizes!!

Now we will see how it gonna be on European finals in Copenhagen!!