Congrats to Troy Björkman who won the MAKE IT COUNT contest in Helsinki, Finland. Troy won a spot in the European Finals in Berlin, Germany and a chance to win a trip to California to compete for Element sponsorship! OVERALL WINNER Troy Björkman 13 AND UNDER 1. Daniel Petäistö 2. Severi Hautamäki 3. Jaakko Helakorpi 14 AND UP 1. Troy Björkman 2. Eemil Mäkelä 3. Alvi Hatakka

Ronnie Creager Clean Cutz

Rooftop Renegades

The HUF DBC with the help of Poler camping gear, barged Los Angeles and its surrounding areas in an around-the-clock search and seizure of skateable terrain.

THE ZOO YORK POST: Travis Glover's ATL

THE ZOO YORK POST is back! In this installment, take a glimpse into the life of new ZOO YORK Official Travis Glover. See how our man Tgloves grew up, got on ZOO and what he gets up to in and around the ATL.

Thanks to all the homies at Ambush and Progressive.

Filmed and Edited by R.B. Umali for Zoo York Media Group.

Additional Filming by Chris Thiessen, Matt Creasy & The ATL Twinz.

Asteen reissu turkuun 2009 syksyllä! Messissä oli Miki Tähtinen, Mikko Valli, Juhani Salo, Tatu Kurki ja Sakari Niskanen

Classics: Rodrigo Teixeira "Can't Stop"

Hard to believe this part is almost 10 years old. The precision gnar of TX's skating will stand tall in any era. Carlos Ribeiro introduces a classic part from The Firm's 2003 video.

Almost Skateboards "Round 3" Chris Haslam

2012 Street League Kansas City Finals

Even though there were new pros, a new course, and a new format added to the 2012 Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled By Monster Energy... One thing remained constant; Newly added Monster Energy athlete, Nyjah Huston's ability to show consistent skating while throwing some of the hugest tricks out there! Can you say Big Spin Hurricane?! The entire Monster Skate team showed solid results and received awards with Nyjah taking the overall win, Ishod Wair winning the Chevy Overdrive Best Trick Jam, & Peter Ramondetta receiving the Zumies 24/7 Award!


After a first day of gnarly skating at Street League Kansas City, Nyjah Huston qualified first and Mikey Taylor qualified fifth and are both going straight to the finals, while Chris Cole qualified ninth and will be in the semis. Watch the DC team rip up the course and make sure you catch the finals Live on ESPN2 at 9pm EST. Featuring: Chris Cole, Matt Miller, Mikey Taylor, and Nyjah Huston. Also featuring: Tom Asta, Sean Malto, Bastien Salabanzi, Billy Marks, Ryan Sheckler, Tommy Sandoval, Luan Oliveira, and Austyn Gillette.

A Week in Dubai

Strangers in a strange land—this video really captures the exotic locations and spots in Dubai. Here's Pfanner, Ramondetta, and Manderson, as seen in the June mag.

Sheckler Foundation - Skate for A-Cause

CCS teamrider Ryan Sheckler and the Sheckler Foundation hosted the third annual Skate For A Cause skate jam and contest at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forrest, California last Saturday. The event featured some of the best skaters who were all out shredding, having fun and raising money for a number of diffferent charities including the A.Skate Foundation—an organization dedicated to fighting childhood autism through skateboarding. When it was all said and done, Skate For A Cause raised more than 87,000.00 for good causes. CCS was on hand to support and sponsored the best trick contest. Check out the video for all the action.

Ryan Lay Welcome To enjoi Part

"enjoi flew to the Old World and threw two new ams into the short bus." That's the line that starts off our Torn Off Balls aka enjoi Euro tour article in our June 2012 issue.

Classics: Steve Olson "Fulfill the Dream"

Lizard King keeps the Classics classy as we go back to 1998 and Steve Olson's part in Fulfill The Dream.

Enjoi Luxury Cruise Part 3

The third and final episode of enjoi's luxury cruise finds the crew shredding the Old World's spots. Barney Page, Zack Wallin, and Ryan Lay set it off on the tall ledges and long rails while Louie and Jerry warm it up with some fun.

Enjoi Luxury Cruise Part 2

In Part 2 of enjoi's luxury cruise, the crew embarks on a massive boat and sets sail from Sweden to Russia—at least according to Ben Raemers. In order to get into Russia, you'd normally need to have your paperwork very organized.

Enjoi Luxury Cruise Part 1

The enjoi luxury cruise has set sail for Russia, Scandinavia, and Atlantis! Join Louie Barletta, Jerry Hsu, Cairo Foster, Nestor Judkins, Ben Raemers, plus new ams Ryan Lay and Zack Wallin, and flow mate Barney Page

The Kuumotus (2002) Part 2

a video by Marko Jatkola and Vesa Ritola. Riders : Mikko Airaksinen, Eero Anttila, Tim Husa, Timo Hätinen, Jukka Jokinen, Jussi Korhonen, Timo Kuulusa, Jouni Leino, Tero Malinen, Vesa Ritola, Penna Salisma, Pekka Salmela, Jussi Tuominen and friends...

The Kuumotus (2002) Part 1

a video by Marko Jatkola and Vesa Ritola. Riders : Mikko Airaksinen, Eero Anttila, Tim Husa, Timo Hätinen, Jukka Jokinen, Jussi Korhonen, Timo Kuulusa, Jouni Leino, Tero Malinen, Vesa Ritola, Penna Salisma, Pekka Salmela, Jussi Tuominen and friends...

Captured Issue 2

Finnish Skateboard Video Magazine Issue 2


Congrats to Felipe Dal Cin who won the English stop of the 2012 Element MAKE IT COUNT International Contest Series. Element rider Madars Apse was on hand to judge the contest and give Felipe a place in the European Finals in Berlin, Germany. Felipe and the other winners will compete for a place in the global finals in California and the chance to win one year of Element sponsorship !

Nate Greenwood

Over two and a half minutes of East Coast underground street gnarliness. Nate who? Nate Greenwood, motherfuckers. Hard times comin' your way.

Jaane Saario - Element Rise Up

Ender from Element Rise Up

Double Rock: Volcom

Here are some of the Stone's younger rippers with Louie Lopez, Kyle Walker, Ben Raemers, that dude everyone is tripping on—Alec Majerus, and veteran park-killer Caswell Berry.


When Street League announced there were five US spots open for the 2012 pro lineup, Matt Miller knew he had an opportunity and went all in. See how Miller submitted his video to "The Selection " qualifier and became one of the new pros selected for Street League 2012.

30th anniversary interviews Tom Penny

Tom Penny changed everything that came before him. Tom's technique, on any terrain, was so fluid and nonchalant that within six months of his arrival on US soil back in '94, every pro on the planet wanted to skate like him.

Frankie Heck Transworld Video Checkout

Frankie Heck Transworld Video Check Out Filmed and Edited by Tanner Rowe additional filming by Adrian Hodge and AmirGT

Transworld - Transmission - Summer 2011

First installment our TransWorld SKATEboaring's all street skating feature Transmission

Matix in Spain

Matix sent a handful of it's riders to enjoy the spanish sunshine before winter hits featuring Torey Pudwill, Flo Mirtain, Danny Brady, Ricardo Paterno and Vivien Feil.

Eric Koston - Street League

Etnies Presents : Nick Garcia

etnies Presents Nick Garcia skating the etnies Freeport. See more from Nick & friends in Element's "Future Nature", coming 5/1/12.

Firing Line: Mark Appleyard

This bench spot has gotten a lot of coverage lately, but we'll run Appleyard footage anytime, anyplace

Classics: Rodney Mullen "Virtual Reality"

Plan B followed up "Questionable" by making yet another of the best skate vids ever. Here's Rodney's NBD-fest from 1993 including the mind-bender at 3:06. Appleyard introduces a classic.

Firing Line: Chris Haslam

He's know for creative skating and wild spots, but here Chris puts together a fast, solid, three-ledge line.